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I'm a big fan of lotto, and even though I understand that the chance of winning is very small, I still keep on playing. Why? The answer is simple - if you don't play, you don't get any chance at all.
The numbers appear in an accidental manner and, like any accidental event, this process can be analysed with the help of the theory of probabilities. The question is - how to analyse it.
Every LOTTO player has one problem how to guess 6 correct numbers, well, at least 3.We can try to solve this problem in several ways. You can rely on luck and pick the numbers on a random basis. For some lucky people this method really works. Or you can choose hundreds of combinations, thus increasing the probability of winning. However, this method requires significant investments.
Personally, I cannot say that I am very lucky, and I do not have lots of money for the second method. That is precisely why I decided to try to predict the lucky numbers. It is absolutely clear that such a task is impossible to achieve by calculating manually, or even with the help of a calculator. In order to get the useful information, you have to have a computer program. I did a lot of research, but was not able to find a program that would completely satisfy me. It was then that I decided to write such a program myself.
LOTTO PLUS is significantly different from all other similar programs.
First of all, it offers many different types of analysis. The second major difference is that every analysis is not just a set of numbers and a beautiful (but often quite useless) picture it really provides useful information. In addition, the program offers various options for choosing the numbers, including the traditional Random Combinations.
The work on the program is still in progress. I hope that you will find LOTTO PLUS to be an interesting and useful program. I do not want to impose my opinion of this program on you for every person it can be different. Please try it, compare with other programs, and draw your own conclusions.

BUT ...

Do not waste time downloading this program if you only believe in chance and expect to earn millions by spending 5 minutes to complete a lottery ticket.

 As you probably already know, in real life miracles happen very rarely and mostly to other people. Lotto Plus is a completely unique program which has unmatched capabilities and variety of functions. Like a microscope, it can show you the tiniest details, which can play a decisive role when picking those precious numbers. This program is based on complex mathematical data analysis and uses various technologies - from regular probability theory to artificial intelligence methods. It constantly evolves: algorithms are being improved and analysis methods are being perfected to give you a better chance of winning.

 Lotto Plus is real, and maybe the only chance to solve your financial problems by playing lotto. And if you already play, why not give yourself another chance?

 To get more up-to-date information and details about Lotto Plus, visit my site regularly, and maybe together we will be able to defeat what was considered undefeatable before.

I will be glad to receive any comments, remarks or suggestions that would help me to improve the program.

Igor Andronov
Thank you for using LottoPlus.