The Histogram is one of the methods I'm using to analyze past numbers.  To create the histogram you have to specify the Interval  and select the number

Here we can see histogram for  number 2 and interval 30. We see, that number 2 for any 30 draws appeared from 1 up to 6 times Also we see, that more often number appeared 3 or 4 times (37.5% and 30.0%) Also it is known, that for the last 29 times number appeared 6 times. It means, that if the number to appear in next draw that for the last 30 draws it will be drawn 7 times. Using the given information, I try to count probability of such event. In this example the probability is P - 0.73.  Also you can see two values for PM (PM means the most expected value). First value (in our case this is 3.68 ) is the PM for all period of draws and next one - 4.03 is PM for the last 60 draws (Interval (30)+last(30) )