How to register


Thanks for trying Lotto Plus. I hope you find it useful, profitable and simple to use.
This program is shareware and you are granted 30 days or 30 runs of the program
of use for evaluation purposes starting from today. If you wish to use it after
the evaluation period, you are required to register it.

To register this program please  follow the instruction.


1.Click the button [About]



2. Click the button [Register Lotto Plus]



3. Click the button [Generate key]



or you can use your own set of characters (e.g. your e-mail address)


4. Save this key and also send it to me (by e-mail)



5. After receiving your payment I will send you text file with your key and the registration number

and also I will send you the file key.dll

You have to save this file into same directory, where is your LottoPl.exe file located.

Now you are ready to register the program.

Open the registration dialog again, type the key and the registration number



and then press the [OK] button.


If everything is Ok you will get the message



and now you ready to use the program and to become a millionaire.


Also I need your Name and e-mail address.


Cost of this program is $30 USD

You can pay by sending cash, cheque, money order or by using PayPal