Thanks for your response,I have downloaded the Demo in the past and was very IMPRESSED with your program it's an EXCELLENT tool for analysing lottery numbers.It's one of my favorite programs and I would like you too keep in touch with me concerning any upgrades or improvements.I have a company called "Lottery Systems Inc." and an organisation called "The Professional Lottery Players Club" we develop systems
and use existing systems and software too play the Pikc-3/4 and Pick-5 lottery games your software would be an asset too our collection of programs.
Thank You!!!

I have just downloaded your program, Lotto Plus, and would like to say that
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Once again your program is "AWESOME" and I can't wait too use it.

I am writing from Russia,Moscow with words "thank you very much
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Friend, I woud like to know how can I play 6/60. Coud you to help me.
Your prog. is excelente. I like it.

Downloaded your lotto program yesterday and started to
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Since then I have opened it many times to study it. I
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